• Restaurant interior
  • mixed salad
  • Exterior
  • Tables lined up
  • Two salads with meat and vegetables

Established in 2001

About us

The Le family started their first restaurant in Waco, Texas in the 1980s. Since then it has been passed down by generation and molded into the Clay Pot you know and love today through each change of hands. Phong and Thanh Le took over in 2007 at the original location by Baylor and are now nestled in the middle of downtown and couldn't be happier with their bustling downtown Waco community.

“Our family is from Northern Vietnam, but we have an immense love for all Vietnamese cuisine from North to South Vietnam. This is why we have incorporated many popular dishes from different regions to bring the best of Vietnam to Waco, Texas.”

The Vietnamese cuisine we offer at Clay Pot Restaurant invites not only our local Wacoan's but also our customers who are simply traveling through town to enjoy a unique cultural experience and a delightfully authentic taste of Vietnamese fare. Come see us and be transported to Vietnam, without the costs of international travel!